It is very rare for two people to witness the same event and agree 100% to what they saw, and when that includes THREE UFOs within several minutes to each other, especially UFO's of different shapes and sizes, but that is what happened to Larry Taylor and his wife as they traveled home from the town of Hugo, OK. We believe from the description Larry gave, and after speaking with him at length about it, that the first UFO, which was very large and finally cloaked or went into another dimension was the MOTHER SHIP. The other two UFO craft which floated by and made no sound whatsoever where of a different size and shape. Another report we received indicated to us PROJECT BLUEBEAM holographic projection - something we have seen right here in Wisconsin.

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It is also interesting to note that the descriptions given match those
found in the MAJIC-12 RECOVERY MANUAL:
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Larry W. Taylor            September 17, 2003
Hyssop Chronicles
What's In Our Sky ?
Many times I have written in the Newsletter 
and Updates about UFO activity seen by
others but today I have my own observation
to share.
On 09-16-2003, Tuesday, about 2pm, my
wife and I went to town to check the mail
at the Post Office in Hugo,OK. and eat at
our favorite Circus City Diner.
After eating we were driving home from
Hugo, when my wife said,"What is that?"
She pointed up toward the sky. It was just
about 3pm and the sky was clear and was
sunny. Just a slight breeze from the north.
I looked up thru the windshield and saw a
bright silver orb or ball like object. It was
very clearly visible and bright silver. Just
my guess but it was maybe over 5,000 ft.
in the sky and was big. We watched it for
about 3-4 minutes as I drove home and
was thinking why didn't I have a camera?
After about 3-4 minutes the color went from
bright sliver to a dull gray and it was not
visible any longer.
We had been going west when we saw it in
the western sky and I turned onto another
road going south after it was no longer
Then my wife said," Look at that!" and pointed
back to the west again. I looked west out my
wife's passenger window and saw 2 cylinder
shaped objects floating in the western sky and
it seemed to me they were no more than about
600-800 feet above the ground. I stopped the
car in the middle of the road and got out to
see better. I have flown in a 757 jet and these
cylinders were bigger than a 757. They were
both tan in color, completely silent and going
in a southwest direction slowly.
I watched them until they were out of sight
and we went home. That was yesterday and
we have heard no reports of anyone else
seeing this. So I decided to share this report
with you. As I wrote this I remember Barry
Chamish in Israel who wrote " Return of the
Giants" and then was so attacked he mostly
stopped writing about UFO activity! Anyway,
you kinda stick your neck out reporting such,
however; the truth needs to be told!
My wife drew a scene (see attached photo
below) of the tan colored cylinders we saw
yesterday evening. This was a sighting that
we won't ever forget and thought to share
with you......................................................


Larry W. Taylor

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