The Holy Bible

Part One



The vast majority of the human race (including most Christians), do not recognize that the Bible is written in such a manner that it forms an indictment against them. It also gives them no options, for there are no alternatives given. The Scripture either stands or falls upon its basic premise - and it claims that it is the TRUE REALITY behind the Universe. It does not matter what people think about it. It does not matter what their opinions are. It would not matter if the entire human race convened a meeting at the United Nations and declared the Bible a total lie and burned every Bible on Earth. It would not matter because the Bible was issued, the words spoken and they are forever trapped in time and space - and can never be recalled. The issue is this: IS THE BIBLE THE TRUE REALITY AS IT CLAIMS, or is it a pack of lies, a MYTH, a gigantic fraud?

The premise is simple:

1. Mankind was CREATED  fully mature, both male and female in a state of amoral awareness - in the very inner essence of the creator God of the entire universe - the God who created TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, MATTER, SOUL, SPIRIT AND LIFE. Mankind  was created so that his body, soul and spirit were eternal, would live forever.

2. Mankind was presented with "forbidden knowledge", i.e., MORAL KNOWLEDGE, the knowledge of good and evil, and was told not to partake of it, because if they did, they would die spiritually to the creator God and enter into a realm of depravity and death, with eternal awareness but with total separation from their creator God.

3. This knowledge of good and evil would transfer ownership of the human species from the creator God to a lessor God called SATAN, the GOD OF THIS WORLD. The human race would then be subject to the rule of Satan, AND WAS LEGALLY OWNED BY HIM.

3. Mankind ingested this knowledge of good and evil and became a MORAL CREATURE, able to differentiate between good and evil without outside help. He also becomes subject to the control of Satan.  He fell from the LIGHT of singular essence of Divine love into the DARKNESS and the CHAOS of MORAL AWARENESS. Mankind becomes a FALLEN CREATURE. Everyone born into the human race is a fallen creature, who answers to, and who belongs to Satan.

4. Mankind was severed from the creator God and faced a future of futility, vanity, suffering and ultimate physical death, soul death and spiritual death - but with eternal awareness. As time passes, he descends further and further downward into chaos. After death he is sent to a place of intense eternal suffering, the same place that Satan (the rebellious angel) is ultimately sent to. Mankind is sent there because he is a willing agent of Satan, and hates the true creator God, and by his nature, actually loves Satan, the God of this world.

5. God sent in a REDEEMER of the entire human race, in the form of a man to purchase back the human race from the legal hold that Satan held upon them. His name was Jesus Christ, who paid the necessary price to redeem the mankind and legal ownership was transferred from Satan to Christ. Therefore Christ now holds the keys to death and hell, and He alone becomes the judge, jury and executioner of every soul upon earth.

6. Satan is allowed to reign as the GOD OF THIS WORLD, the PRINCE OF THIS WORLD until the consummation, the TIMES OF REFRESHING. Every single person born into the human race is a FALLEN CREATURE, subject to the control of Satan UNTIL and UNLESS they do as Christ commanded them to do - and if they do as commanded, and are successful, they are then LEGALLY transferred from Satan's KINGDOM OF DARKNESS over to Christ's KINGDOM OF LIGHT. Hence, there are two classifications of human beings upon planet Earth:

A) The sons and daughters  of Satan or THE CHILDREN OF DARKNESS; OF THE NIGHT.

B) The sons and daughters of Christ or CHILDREN OF LIGHT; OF THE DAY

7. The entire human race is going to FIRST DIE, THEN GO TO JUDGMENT. The Bible's claim is that Jesus Christ is the ONLY, THE EXCLUSIVE redeemer of the human race. There is no one else, there are no other names mentioned. It claims that all others are liars, wolves in sheep's clothing, sent to destroy. The judgment is simple:

1) The standard by which every individual is judged is God's standard for LOVE. We will call it DIVINE LOVE for simplicity.

2) Because of the FALL of mankind, no human being is born upon earth with PURE DIVINE LOVE WITHIN. It is not part of his nature, he does not possess it, nor can he fathom what divine love really is - it is a mystery, an enigma, beyond all knowledge because his mind cannot wrap itself around something it cannot comprehend.

3) Each person is brought before the JUDGE, and their deeds are opened up - and compared to God's standard of DIVINE LOVE. Because no person has it, and no person can attain unto it because they ARE FALLEN, each person is JUDGED GUILTY, and is sent to eternal ruin, eternal loss, eternal separation from God.   CASE CLOSED, ZERO OPTIONS.

4) Those people who did as Christ commanded they do, and who obeyed his sayings, and became SONS OF LIGHT, SONS OF THE DAY, are EXEMPT from the judgment. They are covered by Christ and his righteousness. They pass on to eternal life, go into paradise and eternal bliss with their creator God.

That is the basic premise outlined by the Bible. It is simple, straight forward and either totally true or totally false. There are no alternatives, for the Bible gives no alternatives. It is in point of fact, a BOOK OF ZERO OPTIONS.

What people do not realize is that the Bible is CONSTRUCTED in such a manner that it verifies itself, and locks its testimony between Genesis and Revelation is such a manner that it is nothing less than an indictment from the Judge of the Universe - the Creator God himself. It makes claims so astounding, and so often, that these statements must either be true or a total and complete fabrication, the greatest deception ever perpetrated upon the human race. The "channelers" of the Bible, to coin a New Age phrase, spanned hundreds of years, with a consistent message. They were called prophets and apostles - who wrote, they claimed, under the direct influence of a Divine Spirit. Those claims are also either true or false.

The Bible makes NO ATTEMPT to prove it is authentic at all - it merely makes sweeping statements and declares them true, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. It makes no attempt to prove that Satan is real, that God himself is real, that Christ is real, or that there are demons, angels and fallen angels. It simple states these things as matters of actual fact, that this is the TRUE REALITY OF THE HUMAN RACE. The question then becomes, what does the human race do with this Book of MYSTERY AND ENIGMA?

1) The vast majority of the human race has declared the Bible is a myth, that it may have some good things within it for guidance, but it is certainly NOT TRUE as any reliable source of historical accuracy or correct in its assessment of the human condition.

A) This concept is based upon not understanding the construct of the Scriptures, because the Scripture is EITHER TOTALLY TRUE or TOTALLY FALSE, and if totally false, it could not have anything worth while within it, because it is perpetrating a gigantic fraud upon mankind. If the Bible is TOTALLY TRUE, then the human race, by its rejection, is in a terrible deception and headed for total disaster. This is exactly what the Bible said would happen as mankind approached the end of his probation upon Earth. Thus the Bible covers itself in its prophecies against mankind!! In point of fact, the prophecies concerning the outright rejection of the Bible by mankind, and of their embracing "knowledge so-called" would lead to the vast majority of the human race being sent to eternal ruin and eternal loss.

B) Jesus Christ is the only religious leader in the history of the world who challenged the entire human race to VERIFY WHAT HE SAID BY SEARCHING THE MATTER OUT, and if they would, He would PROVE, by DIVINE INTERVENTION and REVELATION,   that His Gospel, His message WAS THE TRUTH, and that all others were a total lie. Therefore, the Bible once again SEALS UP ITSELF by claiming that it will prove to each individual, who does as Christ commanded, that THE GOSPEL OF THE SCRIPTURE IS TRUE, and IT IS FROM GOD, and not man-made.

Now the simple fact is that no other religious figure in the entire history of the world ever offered up such a challenge. They merely told you to believe what they said, and CLAIMED they were of divine origin. In other words, they offered up no proofs whatsoever - it was a simple belief and faith system. Christianity in truth, goes far beyond mere belief and faith - it offers the individual believer real authenticating proofs - and by those proofs, the true believer is to move from faith to absolute knowing. Very few Christians actually understand this.

So now we have a "book" written over many centuries, that claims to be the absolute reality behind all human existence and then lays down a challenge that Christ Himself will prove to EACH INDIVIDUAL who does as commanded to SEARCH OUT THE TRUTH that it IS TRUE. Once again, the BIBLE SEALS ITSELF UP. It is the only religious book in the world that brings an indictment, offers a solution and mercy, and then challenges the human race to search the manner out and if they will, God Himself will authenticate the book as DIVINE, that it came from God, that it is not something made up by a group of men. How then, does mankind escape such statements? In point of fact, they cannot. In point of fact, it is extremely foolish to ignore the warnings or the challenges of Scripture, because IF THEY ARE TRUE, then you would have only yourself to blame if you end up in eternal ruin and loss!!

Now then, these statements are either totally true or totally false. Either Christ will PROVE the Bible is authentic or He will not because he cannot! There is no in between here - and the Bible is full of such remarks, that all hinge one upon another. The fact that the vast majority of people in the world are IGNORANT of the construct of the Bible does not matter to God. He claims it is WILLFUL IGNORANCE. In other words, the people of the world simply WILL NOT VERIFY THE CLAIMS OF THE SCRIPTURE because they cannot be bothered, and thus they are willfully ignorant, deliberately AVOIDING the challenge of Jesus Christ. Then we would have to ask, who sends them to eternal ruin? The answer is simple: They themselves opt for eternal ruin by reason of refusing the challenge.

What if they never heard of the challenge? The Bible seals itself up on that one as well. It claims that if any person, anywhere in the entire world that truly WANTS TO FIND THE TRUTH, AND IS PERSISTENT IN THAT SEARCH, that God Himself will move heaven and Earth to bring the real truth to that soul, no matter who they are, no matter where they are. So again, The Bible seals itself up. It would have to be able to do that to withstand charges against it in the great day of judgment.

So then, we have a book that is both loved and hated by the world. Within it are some of the most fantastic claims ever made. Greater than science fiction, far superior to STAR WARS, or STAR TREC, or THE X-FILES, the Bible is a book that tells us about lost kingdoms, star wars in heaven, of ruin and loss, of victory and overcoming. It gives mankind a sweeping view of of his own soul and spiritual condition. But the Bible is offensive to the haughty and arrogant spirit within man. The indictment it brings goes against this pride, this great spiritual arrogance is extremely offensive and thus rather than face what it says, the human race REJECTS THE MESSAGE. Did you know that the Bible covers that one as well? You see, if you understand it, the Bible is a BOOK OF ZERO OPTIONS.

And because it is a book of no options, and is constructed in such a way that each part testifies and confirms the other parts, then one cannot pick and choose what they will accept and what they will reject within the pages of Scripture, for to reject any part of it is to reject the whole. Either the entire premise and indictment against humanity is true, and the solution offered correct, or it is a fabrication.


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