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Tithonia City provides us will evidence of alien structures on the Red Planet. We we speak of artificial structures, we refer to those items that tell us of intelligent design, such as walls, roofs, entry ways, roadways, arches, domes, walls, etc. We look for repeated parallel lines, 90 degree corners, repeated equal spacing, repeated curves, centered objects on flat foundations, pathways that actually lead to entrances, roadways, etc. and any abnormal shapes for the surrounding terrain, and form and shape that prove engineering.

There has been no manipulation of the photographs other than standard sharpening and enlarging in Adobe photoshop. The accusations of FRAUD, DECEPTION and PHOTOGRAPHIC MANIPULATION ARE PURE LIES and show the depth to which egocentric people will go to DENY the obvious. One can still go the MSSS and download the photographs for themselves and they will see nothing different than what we have already presented. The rejection of Tithonia by the so-called "investigators" of Martian anomalies remains a mystery with the exception that most interested people have told us these folks are so ego-centered that they simply cannot accept what anyone else has discovered or researched. Our answer to that is that EGO HAS NO PLACE WHATSOEVER IN SUCH RESEARCH, simply because the discovery of alien intelligence on another planet is so important to the human race that it belongs to no one. It belongs to all of us. TITHONIA IS REAL, and it is either and intelligently designed community or in the alternative one of the most massive ETCHINGS ever undertaken to fool those who see it. Either way, the technology to accomplish either is far beyond our human capabilities unless this is a massive ALTERNATIVE THREE BLACK OPERATION.

wpe83.jpg (16321 bytes)wpeC7.jpg (53686 bytes)


Although most people are not use to the fuzzy photographs provided by NASA/JPL/MSSS, nonetheless detail can be seen if one looks carefully enough. For example, if you look to the left of the photograph at the terrain FLOW, you will notice that it appears to be terraced, which then changes shape and vanishes behind the rectangular building with the long protrusion in front of it. Next top this building is a hexagon structure with two very visible openings and pathways leading into them. There is a domed structure on top of the flat hexagon first floor that is centered on the flat roof. There is an inverted V shaped entrance leading into this dome, and a large stairway that comes from ground level and terminates at the dome entrance. Behind these structures and slightly to the right is a huge 200 foot tall statue that has all standard humanoid proportions. It has folded arms and the legs and feet are together exactly as found in Egypt. This could not be a rock pile.

wpeC8.jpg (144235 bytes)


There are many parallel lines, 90 degree corners, flat walls, roof with a centered object and pathways leading to this structure. See pour article on ABSOLUTE PROOF PART ONE for a detailed description of this structure. In the following pictures, we are showing only the most simple repeated lines that prove out engineering. Nature does not provide us with the such repeated concepts - they are only the result of intelligence that is capable of engineering.



wpeC9.jpg (37211 bytes)

Notice that top of this structure is a perfect rectangle, and further, that the base of this wall is exactly parallel to the top. There are step downs on both sides of this structure, which may a huge but narrow step pyramid of some time. We have dubbed it a wall ruin because it angles off and goes to other areas beside and behind the front part. The front surface appears to be a flat drop to the ground.


wpeCA.jpg (36966 bytes)


wpeCB.jpg (46765 bytes)

Notice the even step downs, and how the wall remains the same width with each step down. This is not natural whatsoever, it is the result of intelligent planning for whatever reason this structure was built.



wpeCD.jpg (47012 bytes)


wpeCE.jpg (54368 bytes)

Notice the first two step down are equal on both side of a rectangular perfectly flat top or apex platform of this step pyramid. the drop-off continues down to the ground level more easily seen on the left, for the right side vanished behind another step pyramid just behind what we call the CITY WALL. There are a multitude of proofs of artificial design that are simply being ignored when this provides more proof than any other location on Mars for artificiality and intelligent engineering!!




wpeCF.jpg (320244 bytes)

There are a multitude of other structures, some very ancient, some very modern, but all of them display the same repeated patterns of artificial design. Denial of the obvious does not make it go away. Turning the head away from the truth is not the method that should be employed by science or investigators. WE ARE NOT ALONE, AND SOMEONE EITHER IS, OR HAS BEEN ON MARS.

If you want more information, contact us at 1-800-257-2672. You may purchase a SPECIAL REPORT, or a VIDEO or DVD regarding the multitude of structures found here.

Stewart C. Best


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